Time Lapse


Rating 1½

Directed by David Worth

Written by Karen Kelly and David Keith Miller

Starring William McNamara,
Dina Meyer, Roy Scheider and Henry Rollins

I paid 1p for this direct-to-video release and that was probably more than it’s worth, although I must admit I have watched it twice now.

It’s a spy action thriller, a kind of cheap and cheerful cash-in on the success of ‘The Bourne Identity’. It’s certainly cheap, but I’m not so sure it’s very cheerful.

The once superb Roy Scheider makes no attempt to give an actual acting performance and must have been wondering what had happened to his career to cause him to end up in something so preposterously bad. William McNamara, in the lead role, is so blank it is tempting to assume that the “memory erasing” drug his character has been injected with is actually genuine. Henry Rollins gives a performance of laughable ineptitude, although in his defence he is lumbered with some positively atrocious dialogue.

Dina Meyer is the only actor present who actually appears to be making any effort at all. She struggles to make much of the material, but she does look fabulous.


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