Deadly Little Secrets


Rating 1½

Directed by Fiona MacKenzie

Written by Tim Redman

Dina Meyer, Michelle Hicks, Dylan Walsh and Craig Shaffer

This Canadian thriller might be ludicrous and simpleminded, but it has a plot so convoluted and incomprehensible that even after watching it twice I’m still not sure I understand what it’s all about.

A police detective goes unofficially undercover in pursuit of the man he believes was responsible for killing his younger brother, a college sports star who died following a deadly steroid injection. He begins a relationship with a woman (played by Dina Meyer) who he suspects has links to the man.

When her estranged younger sister unexpectedly turns up and comes to stay at their apartment she immediately proves to be wild and dangerous, shooting and killing the perpetrator of an attempted car-jack during the drive from the airport. That same night she engages in provocative dancing with her sister in a nightclub and later they have a sex romp back at the apartment. She also attempts to seduce her sister’s boyfriend before storming out after an argument with him.

He later discovers that she is actually working undercover with the FBI in pursuit of the same man he is looking for, that the shooting of the car-jacker was, in fact, staged (for no particularly useful purpose that I can determine) and that she is not, in fact, the sister of his girlfriend. After this the plot becomes really silly!

On the face of it, the “lesbian” scenes seem to be gratuitous rather than necessary to the plot and feel like nothing more than a bit of direct-to-DVD titillation for the teenage boys and dirty-mac brigade, but who knows.

It’s a very silly film, not particularly well scripted or directed as far as I can make out. The acting is generally no more than adequate, although Meyer and Michele Hicks throw themselves into their roles with perhaps more gusto than the material deserves.


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