Federal Protection


Rating 2½

Directed by Antony Hickox

Written by Craig Smith

Starring Armand Assante, Angela Featherstone,
Dina Meyer and David Lipper

This direct-to-video release was apparently a cash-in on the Bruce Willis / Matthew Perry film ‘The Whole Nine Yards’, which I haven’t seen. It stars Armand Assante (who wasn’t anywhere near as awful as I was anticipating) as a small-time Chicago crook working for the Mafia who survives an assassination attempt and ends up with a new identity, living in a quiet suburban community in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The film is a mixture of smash-em-up action-thriller, with all the expected over-the-top explosions and indiscriminate use of guns, and almost tongue-in-cheek soap drama about sexual infidelity and blackmail. These two strands don’t exactly combine seamlessly, but it does allow Dina Meyer, playing a supporting role, to steal the film with some genuinely funny dark comedy moments.

It benefits from obviously high production values and some decent acting and it ends up being a very watchable film.


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