Doctor Who: Blink (Season 3 Episode 10)

Directed by Hettie MacDonald

Written by Steven Moffatt : Starring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman, Carey Mulligan, Lucy Gaskell and Finley Robertson

I was a little underwhelmed in general by the third season of the revived ‘Doctor Who’. Perhaps partly because I haven’t yet taken to Freema Agyeman’s character Martha Jones, replacing Billie Piper’s hugely popular Rose Tyler from the first two seasons. However, what the third season did include is possibly the best ever episode of the show and certainly the best 45-minutes of television in 2007.

‘Blink’, like the controversial, love it or hate it, ‘Love & Monsters’ in season two, pushes the Doctor and his assistant/companion into the background. In this case, the story centres on Sally Sparrow, wonderfully played by Carey Mulligan. It’s creepy and unsettling and constantly inventive, with its disturbing “Weeping Angels”.

If there is a drawback, it is simply that the character of Sally Sparrow is instantly more memorable than Martha Jones, but hopefully Martha will become more integrated with the changes planned for season four.

Steven Moffatt, the writer of ‘Blink’, was also responsible for the ambitious and largely successful 2007 BBC updating of ‘Jekyll’, starring James Nesbitt.

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