Rating 2¼

Directed by William Malone

Written by William Malone and Alan Reed

Starring Stan Ivar (Mike Davison), Wendy Schaal (Beth Sladen), Lyman Ward (David Parkins), Robert Jaffe (Jon Fennel), Diane Salinger (Melanie Bryce), Annette McCarthy (Dr Wendy Oliver) and Klaus Kinski (Hans Rudy Hofner)

During exploration of the Saturn moon Titan, two American astronauts uncover the remains of an ancient civilisation and unwittingly release a terrifying alien creature. When a subsequent space mission to Titan discovers that a German space expedition beat them to it and then finds horribly mutilated bodies in the German spacecraft, they are plunged into a desperate fight for survival.


‘Creature’ is a cheap and cheerful 1985 b-movie rip-off of ‘Alien’, directed and co-written by William Malone, who seems to specialise in such things. The acting is at best adequate, the direction stolid and mundane and the special effects primitive. However, it races along at a jaunty pace and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also boasts a suitably inexplicable appearance by Klaus Kinski.

This is not a film to remember, but there is no reason why fans of slightly crummy sci-fi monster movies should not find something to enjoy here.

Review posted on 21 November 2010


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