Seventh Moon


Rating 0

Directed by Eduardo Sánchez

Written by Eduardo Sánchez and Jamie Nash

Starring Amy Smart (Melissa), Tim Chiou (Yul), and Dennis Chan (Ping)

An American couple, one whose family came from China originally, witness an annual festival celebrating a Chinese myth that during the seventh moon the dead walk amongst the living. Later that night they find themselves abandoned and hopelessly lost in the Chinese countryside on the night of the Seventh Moon.


‘Blue’, the final film made by the late Derek Jarman, consisted of a blue screen as a background to a music and spoken word soundtrack. ‘Seventh Moon’ is like a really awful cheap horror film version of that concept, except of course that it is meant to be no such thing. I will find it difficult to review the film since I gave up on it after just thirty minutes, simply because once night fell in the story everything seemed to be filmed in complete darkness, the result of, I can only assume, inept filmmaking.

Eduardo Sánchez was the co-writer and co-director of ‘The Blair Witch Project’, a film that I actually didn’t enjoy very much. Nothing he has done since that film has added anything to his reputation.

Review posted 5 December 2009


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