The Prophecy II


Rating 1½

Directed by Greg Spence

Written by Greg Spence and Matthew Greenberg, based on characters created by Gregory Widen

Starring Christopher Walken, Jennifer Beals, Russell Wong, Brittany Murphy, Glenn Danzig, William Prael, Steve Hytner, Bruce Abbott, Danny Strong and Eric Roberts

Gabriel (Christopher Walken) is expelled from Hell by Lucifer and goes in search of Valerie Rosales (Jennifer Beals), who carries the Nephilim, intent on killing the unborn child.


‘The Prophecy II’ was released direct to video in January 1998, two years and four month after the original film, which had built up a word-of-mouth cult following after a middling showing at the box office. Everything that made that first film so compelling and enjoyable, be it the interesting premise or the agreeably over-the-top performances, is absent here. This is just a really bad film. I have given it an extra half-point to acknowledge a spirited performance by Brittany Murphy.

Christopher Walken returns from the first outing, although watching the result, it is hard to know what possessed him. The only other actor to return is Steve Hytner, in what amounts to little more than a cameo.

Gregory Widen, who wrote and directed the first film, is an executive producer this time around. He gets a credit as the creator of the original characters, although it is tempting to suggest that he can hardly claim credit for the likes of Lucifer and the Archangel Gabriel.

Review posted 16 March 2009


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