Scream of Fear

Rating 2½

Directed by Seth Holt

Written by Jimmy Sangster

Starring Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd, Christopher Lee, Anne Blake, John Serrat, John Sachs and Fred Johnson

A young woman, who is paralysed and confined to a wheelchair following a riding accident, returns to the home of her father on the French Riviera, having not seen or spoken to him for ten years. He is not there when she arrives and a sequence of mysterious and terrifying incidents leads her to the conclusion that he is dead.

This is a 1961 Hammer Films production, filmed in black and white. It has a running time of just 81 minutes and tells its story with a minimum of fuss. It treads a well-worn path and it is quite obvious from the start where the story is leading, although it does have an effective twist in its tail and is done with some skill. Its brief running times means it is stripped of any flab.

This film is also known as ‘Taste of Fear’.

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