The Fog (2005 version)


Rating 3

Directed by Rupert Wainwright

Written by Cooper Layne (based on the 1980 John Carpenter and Debra Hill screenplay)

Starring Tom Welling, Maggie Grace and Selma Blair

The John Carpenter original of this film is my all-time favourite horror film – and that suggests I should hate this decidedly waterlogged remake. However, I might just be the only person in the world who actually likes it.

It hardly needs to be said that it’s not a match for the original, but I think on its own terms it’s a great little film. I’ve watched it close to half-a-dozen times now and quite frankly the antipathy towards it makes no sense to me - apart, I guess, from a general resistance towards remakes.

Tom Welling is an agreeable enough lead actor. He’s bland and easily forgettable rather than charismatic, but he’s not dislikeable. Selma Blair has the impossible task of taking on the Adrienne Barbeau role. Possibly trying the replicate the same sexy purr wasn’t a good idea, but otherwise she brings her usual Selma Blair thing to the film. Maggie Grace is great. The film critic Matthew Turner, reviewing the film for View London, wrote, “Grace employs her trademarked wounded, fragile look (that serves her so well in Lost) to good effect.” I think that’s a pretty good thumbnail description of her screen persona.

‘The Fog’ is no doubt destined to remain forever written off as a woeful turkey, but I see no reason why I won’t continue to like it. I really like the small fishing community setting. I suspect this is also one of the reasons why I like ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ so much. It just seems to be a good setting for horror films.


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