Rating 3

Directed by Louis Morneau

Written by John Logan

Starring Lou Diamond Phillips
Dina Meyer, Leon and Bob Gunton

I can watch almost anything featuring Dina Meyer, but this is possibly my favourite of her films.

A remote desert community in Texas is terrorised by bats that have been genetically reprogrammed in a secret military operation to become deadly killing machines imbued with super intelligence. A zoologist (played by Meyer) and her streetwise assistant team up with the local sheriff in a desperate attempt to find a way to stop them.

It could be written off as a complete waste of everyone’s time and effort, as it seems to have been by film critics everywhere, or it could be enjoyed as a piece of hilariously silly but strangely effective and enjoyable hokum. The collected reviews at Rotten Tomatoes resulted in a woeful 4% rotten rating, with only one reviewer, Almar Haflidason of the BBC, having anything positive to say about it. He wrote:

“Tremors this isn’t, but you might be surprised at the tension that pervades this enjoyably cheesy movie.”

It’s great fun and you can't ask for much more than that.


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